November 29 2017

PROSE Testing Department

Our testing department has grown much in recent years. It now employs 35 persons and has concrete growth plans. Therefore, the management has grown and we have intensified our focus on the sale of all our testing services and products. Since 4 October 2017 Pierre Tempini has headed our testing department as Director Testing. He will be active in Winterthur and in Berlin and take over the role as manager of the accredited test laboratory by 1. January 2018. Andreas Siegrist takes over the sales management of the testing department. The testing units remain managed by the present managers as independent profit centres. Fabrizio Di Maggio is the manager of the Test Lab Unit in Winterthur, Kevin Born of the Test Lab Unit in Berlin and Andre Rohrbeck of the Measuring Wheelset Unit in Berlin.

Pierre Tempini +41 79 572 34 22
Andreas Siegrist +41 79 610 80 31
Kevin Born +49 171 555 86 65
Fabrizio Di Maggio +41 79 570 15 35
André Rohrbeck +49 171 526 61 58

Other PROSE news

November 19 2017

PROSE performs first checkup of car body and coating (SFBW/NVBW)

PROSE is glad to announce that after the design phase of the new FLIRT 3 trains for Stuttgart was completed, we have now started the acceptance of the carbodies and the coating of the first newly produced train.

September 29 2017

PROSE wins two public invitations to tender from the Federal Office for the Environment

Swiss rail transport shall get quieter – that’s the objective of the research projects recently initiated by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

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