April 24 2018

EN 15085-2 certification

Our offices in Winterthur and Munich have been recertified as in line with the EN 15085-2 Welding of Railway Vehicles. This certification demonstrates the manufacturer’s welding quality in the production of railway vehicles and components. 


Such certification is valid more than ever in today’s industry – where the needs of our customers as well as those of society in general are constantly changing and evolving. The only constant is the need and expectation for a high level of safety – which can only be guaranteed through a high level of quality. 


When it comes to welding and joining, the need for such standards is of utmost importance, as these processes require further special attention. Such standards can guarantee that the fundamental technical welding requirements are observed by manufacturing companies. 


Both PROSE sites have passed the audits unconditionally and are now allowed, in addition to the design of welding assemblies of class CL1 according to EN 15085, also to trade with such assemblies. This is not only a result of PROSE’s excellent expertise, but also of our great commitment of our experts in delivering the right high-quality solution.

Other PROSE news

July 13 2018
Completion of the Modernisation of a double-deck suburban trainset

A small ceremony was held on the 4th of July 2018, to celebrate the completion of the major project at the Zurich Main Station, following seven years of rolling stock modernisation.

July 9 2018
SBB Cargo selects PROSE to support homologation for the introduction of automatic couplers

Innovative technology is being implemented throughout the entire chain in freight transport through SBB Cargo’s “Automation” strategic program. PROSE has been working with SBB Cargo on the homologation process for one of these projects, the “One Person Operation”. The goal behind this project is to enable carriage delivery in combined transport in Switzerland solely with one operator rather than two.

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