June 6 2018

PROSE Testing - now also in Denmark

New lines, new signalling systems, new rolling stock – it really looks like the Railway Industry in Denmark is looking at a bright future. It’s safe to say that more is going to happen during the next 10 - 15 years than during the previous 50…with all the challenges that such a spike in progress will bring along. 


There are impending changes – the future Operator of MVJ+ from 2021 is soon to be announced. There’s also upgrades and checks on the constants – for instance, measurements and tests on the existing fleet, able to carry out very high performance at its corresponding period. In such cases, tests and measurements are even further relevant –  so as to ensure the necessary level of quality and performance.  


PROSE has recently strengthened its onsite testing team in Denmark. We’re very happy that after years of working with clients in Denmark, we’re now also able to offer them our services related to Testing. As an accredited test laboratory, we can perform a wide variety of measurements related to Rail Vehicle Technology and Operations. We conduct these tests and measurements using state of the art, specialised equipment. This allows us to perform most of the measurements during normal operations, without having any effect on them. 


“Our International experience and local capabilities makes us the right solution also in Denmark,” says Lasse Rask Jørgensen, our General Manager Denmark, “combined with the fact, that we’re an independent Company – which ensures our clients both an unbiased and high-quality solution to their needs.” 


You can find out more about our testing team in Denmark through our brochure, whilst you can learn more about our testing and measurement services on our website. PROSE provides high-quality, cost-effective A-Z engineering solutions. Find out more on our services page.




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July 13 2018
Completion of the Modernisation of a double-deck suburban trainset

A small ceremony was held on the 4th of July 2018, to celebrate the completion of the major project at the Zurich Main Station, following seven years of rolling stock modernisation.

July 9 2018
SBB Cargo selects PROSE to support homologation for the introduction of automatic couplers

Innovative technology is being implemented throughout the entire chain in freight transport through SBB Cargo’s “Automation” strategic program. PROSE has been working with SBB Cargo on the homologation process for one of these projects, the “One Person Operation”. The goal behind this project is to enable carriage delivery in combined transport in Switzerland solely with one operator rather than two.

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