• Our vision

  • Engineering tomorrow’s mobility

    We are the trusted partner in mobility engineering. This guides all we do. We want to meet the world’s growing need to move people and goods in transport systems that are safe, economical, comfortable, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. As we fulfil these needs every day, we earn our place as the leading partner in mobility engineering.

  • Our mission

  • The right solution. On time. Every time.

    Our core objective is to deliver the right solution. On time. Every time. We have the required skills. Our expertise in rail technology and our understanding of each customer’s business and needs enables us to consistently propose and deliver the appropriate solution. Our proximity to our customers throughout the world lets us coordinate and perform project tasks efficiently and effectively. Our deliverables are as precise and reliable as a Swiss watch.

  • Our values

    • Commitment

    • ... to the task, customers and colleagues

    • Ingenuity

    • ... to challenge and go beyond

    • Respect

    • ... to guide our actions

Commitment ... to the task, customers and colleagues

What does this mean for our stakeholders?

We deliver. We are dedicated to honouring our commitments and fulfiling our promises. Our approach is open, honest and proactive.

We respond quickly and decisively to difficulties and opportunities. We are focused. We can make decisions.

We're employee-owned and independent. We work for our customers and ourselves – and no one else.

And for us?

Skills and commitment nurtures trust. We honour commitment by delegating Responsibilities and decision-making.

This gives each of us a strong feeling of ownership of our projects. It makes us willing to go the extra mile for deliverables, customers and colleagues.
It creates an atmosphere of purpose, positive energy, and a can-do attitude.

Ingenuity ... to challenge and go beyond

What does this mean for our stakeholders?

We love a challenge. Analysis that reveals the best solution and process is our trademark. We strive to better ourselves for the customer’s benefit. Whether we’re optimising a familar task or doing something no one has ever done before.

Thinking ahead and seeing the bigger picture enable us to always find a better solution.

And for us?

At PROSE, we are proud of our ability think and work differently. It motivates us as individuals and colleagues and sets us apart from the competition.

The PROSE culture encourages each of us to be inventive, resourceful and efficient. It makes our jobs more interesting, and helps us attract the right talents to grow our business.

Respect ... to guide our actions

What does this mean for our stakeholders?

As an international company with customers in many different countries and cultures, respect is a cornerstone of all our customer relationships.

We do not shy away from difficult discussions or decisions, but enter them with respect for all parties involved and with the project’s best interests in mind.

And for us?

We respect the input of others and the right to differing opinions. We welcome constructive discussions – and we respect a decision once it has been made.

We demonstrate respect for the environment, for society, and for cultural and ethical issues in all we do.

We assume multiple roles…

We offer independent advice. We are specialists and committed innovators. We develop comprehensive solutions. We assume responsability for project management.

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