April 19 2021

Conducting acoustic type tests on freight wagons

Swissrail accompanied Christian Czolbe in carrying out acoustic type tests on freight wagons. The freight wagon passes the measuring point at a constant speed, and two microphones are used to measure the sound emission while the wagon is in motion.
Various materials and products designed to reduce railway noise have also been tested on this line. In recent years, the focus has increasingly been on the (rail) intermediate pads, these small, inconspicuous plates under the rail are supposed to protect the sleepers and ballast from high vibrations.
Christian Czolbe tells us on site about the development of an optimised intermediate pad with high damping.

Link to video (German): https://vimeo.com/519945654
Please, see also https://www.linkedin.com/posts/swissrail_entwicklung-einer-optimierten-zwischenlage-activity-6785557580837081088-c55v
Here our contribution on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/prose-ag_unterwegs-mit-akustik-ingenieur-christian-activity-6788742125816303616-SdYS

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