April 12 2022

PROSE is proud to announce
our support and collaboration

Imagine a future where urban transport flows silently through urban spaces?


PROSE is proud to announce our support and collaboration with TRAILA,

a new rail technology company based in Zürich, Switzerland.


· TRAILA is committed to Actively Steering towards a sustainable future , and in the revolutionizing of urban rail transport.

· TRAILA is addressing the growing awareness and concerns associated with noisy rolling rail vehicles, and Actively Steering away from negative environmental impact and damage, helping to improve the quality of urban spaces and urban living.

· TRAILA is determined to optimize the running position of rail vehicles on the tracks, Actively Steering towards the elimination of undesirable rail track guidance forces and in the minimizing of acoustic emissions.

If you want to read more, Visit TRAILA website

Other PROSE news

May 12 2022
PROSE is proud to be selected as a trustworthy partner for the Škoda Transportation to support homologation of the new ForCity Smart trams for RNV

May 5 2022
Digital maintenance with augmented reality

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