May 12 2022

PROSE is proud to be selected as a trustworthy partner for the Škoda Transportation to support homologation of the new ForCity Smart trams for RNV

Škoda Transportation will supply 80 ForCity Smart low-floor vehicles to Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV). The trams will be delivered in three different configurations: 36T with three articulated car bodies, as well as 37T and 38T - both double traction versions consisting of two coupled half trains, each of these half trains with two or three articulated car bodies respectively.


PROSE has already successfully supported Škoda Transportation in this project with an evaluation by a multi-body system simulation (MBS). Now PROSE has been assigned to support the preparation of the type test specifications and the evaluation of the test results. Furthermore, PROSE will support the verification of the MBS simulation to evaluate criteria that cannot be assessed by measurements.



PROSE's support will cover the tests for:

- safety against derailment on twisted tracks,

- running safety and dynamic safety against derailment,

- stress on the track system, and - running stability.


To ensure that the new ForCity Smart vehicles are compatible with the RNV infrastructure in terms of wheel-rail interaction, PROSE will also assess lateral guidance and evaluate unguided track length in obtuse crossings - a service PROSE specializes in and one that few companies can perform.


PROSE is excited about the cooperation with Škoda Transportation and is looking forward to the successful implementation of this project

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