January 3 2018

PROSE adapts its organisational structure

With the integration of the former EDIT Engineering and TD Rail&Industry in early summer 2015, PROSE is growing with new sites in Pisa, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Västerås.

For the last 2 years we have been doing successfully with this larger formation. Of course, many processes, responsibilities and tools had to be adapted during this time. For some topics, we were able to quickly switch to uniform solutions, while other topics were handled in a decentralised way for a longer time.

At the same time, we were able to enjoy great demand. Our broader service portfolio, our increased capacity and the ability to be closer to our customers in more markets, allowed us to achieve organic, project-driven growth of 25% over the past two years.

Together we learnt a lot during this time, we discovered what works and what does not.

Well, this process will run continuously. However, by the beginning of 2018 we will be taking a major step in this direction: we will adapt our organisational structure.

Essential features of the new organisation:

Anders Gymnander manages units that are close to our customers in all countries where we have offices, where we provide management consulting services, where we manage all our projects and sell our services. Another unit does the same in our international markets. These units are the right contact persons for all topics. In addition to the international unit, you will find your contact persons in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and soon also in France.

Jochen Helmlinger directs our engineering units that provide services from Pisa to Västerås at the highest level and with a comprehensive railway portfolio.

Pierre Tempini is in charge of the testing department, where we test railway rolling stock from Berlin and Winterthur, we examine all kinds of mechanical and electrical systems and we develop, manufacture and sell our own measuring wheelset system.

Riccardo Loni’s department is the "greenhouse" for PROSE’s further development into new segments and new markets, both organically and through acquisitions. Our start-ups are also brought up here, such as the Swedish Power Unit and the Digital Systems Unit, which provides external and internal IT services and with whom PROSE also further develops itself in the field of digitisation.

Last but not least, there are still people standing behind everything we do, who are committed to meet the goals agreed with our customers with joy!

Stefan Bühler,

Other PROSE news

October 9 2018

TSB – Transport System Bögl: Driverless local train with magnetic railway technology

Over the last few years, the Transport System Bögl (TSB) has been independently developed based on magnetic railway technology and brought to readiness to go into production by the Max Bögl Group. TSB is a driverless, fully secured, track-bound traffic system with travel velocities of up to 150 km/h. It is characterised by unrivalled riding smoothness, low operating costs and high flexibility in route planning.

October 1 2018
Riding quality of a new rail route of the Würzburger Straßenbahn

The Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH commissioned PROSE to determine the riding quality of a planned rail route in relation to the existing fleet of trams. It had to be verified whether the safety against derailment can be guaranteed and that no damages are caused by too large forces between the vehicle modules.

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