August 30 2018

PROSE defines new wheel profiles for Transports Publics Neuchâtelois SA

Understanding the wear limits for wheel profiles demands serious consideration of its technical requirements, always bearing in mind the operational and economical demands of the operator. Wear limits need to be backed by proof and justification - and need to be in sync with wear limits of rails, turnouts, and crossings.

PROSE has worked with Transports Publics Neuchâtelois SA (TransN) on the definition of the new wheel profile, as well as the wheel / rail-interface of the line 215.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, PROSE considered many other aspects. For example, when machining the wheel profiles the maximum values for the wheel and flange data must first be determined. This process involves coordination with rolling stock maintenance from TransN, the manufacturer and also the service provider, in this case Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ). Moreover, the minimum-values for flange height, flange thickness and qR-value needed to be determined, taking into account the design drawings of the turnouts as well as the instructions given in AB-EBV (Implementing provisions of the Railway Ordinance) respectively RTE (Railway Technology Regulations).

PROSE’s technical familiarity with the project, and its experience of the context and culture in which it was to be inserted, ensured a smooth process which could be completed in a shorter time span.

Other PROSE news

October 9 2018

TSB – Transport System Bögl: Driverless local train with magnetic railway technology

Over the last few years, the Transport System Bögl (TSB) has been independently developed based on magnetic railway technology and brought to readiness to go into production by the Max Bögl Group. TSB is a driverless, fully secured, track-bound traffic system with travel velocities of up to 150 km/h. It is characterised by unrivalled riding smoothness, low operating costs and high flexibility in route planning.

October 1 2018
Riding quality of a new rail route of the Würzburger Straßenbahn

The Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH commissioned PROSE to determine the riding quality of a planned rail route in relation to the existing fleet of trams. It had to be verified whether the safety against derailment can be guaranteed and that no damages are caused by too large forces between the vehicle modules.

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