October 1 2018

Riding quality of a new rail route of the Würzburger Straßenbahn

The Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH commissioned PROSE to determine the riding quality of a planned rail route in relation to the existing fleet of trams. It had to be verified whether the safety against derailment can be guaranteed and that no damages are caused by too large forces between the vehicle modules.

Based on the planned route, PROSE performed simulation calculations and changed these under given conditions specifically until the riding quality was achieved. Special challenges were the construction of simulation models of older existing vehicles, the determination of detailed vehicle data, the reasonable estimation of missing data and the subsequent plausibility check of the model. Therefore, the PROSE test laboratory had determined essential parameters on the vehicles in advance by measurement. In addition, the routing is a specially challenging task that is close to the limits of physics due to its topology with gradients of up to 90 per mille and arc radii of sometimes only 20 metres. PROSE followed a holistic and structures approach from the individual solution proposal to the measurement of essential properties and the model construction including plausibility checking up to a specific result.

The customer benefits from the timely planning security regarding the technical feasibility of the planned route and can therefore avoid late consequences such as cracks in the vehicles after the completion of the track construction. In addition, the vehicle models developed by PROSE will be available for future investigations, which strongly minimises further initial effort. The vehicle models are documented software-independently. Therefore, the customer is provided with a complete data set of all driving-related values for each vehicle type.

The combination of know-how about tram vehicles and their components, the experience in multi-body simulations, full knowledge of the relevant regulations and the availability of an in-house test laboratory enable PROSE to offer comprehensive solutions.

Other PROSE news

March 18 2019
PROSE investigates and evaluates BVB unusual infrastructure damages

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB) have optimized several processes in its technology management division and made changes to its organizational structure following the discovery made last summer of unusual damage on its tracks. This discovery showed a different, new damage pattern which can be attributed to a maintenance backlog in wheelset machining. The BVB Board of Directors wanted to understand the circumstances and causes as well as the administrative and personnel responsibilities that led to this maintenance backlog. The board therefore commissioned an independent external investigation for which the results are now available.

February 22 2019
PROSE supports smartrail4.0 elaborating and presenting COAT - the CCS vehicle architecture at the “Industrietag 2019” event, dated February 21st

Switzerland is synonym to chocolate and cheese – and of course: railways! To ensure that it stays this way, Swiss Railways (SBB), Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon Bahn (BLS), Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB), the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), and the Union of Public Transport (UPT) have joined forces and got the entire railway sector involved in the program “smartrail4.0”.

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