January 23 2019

Market Innovation Strategy Consulting for ESTET within ACstyria

Innovation in such a dynamic market environment is essential to remain successful. For this reason, ACstyria Mobility Cluster promotes with its ERDF co-funded project "Enabling Innovation" the innovative strength of selected companies with a high development potential – and supports them with tailor-made consulting measures on their way to the peak of innovation. 


Within this cluster, PROSE Berne supported ESTET Stahl- und Behälterbau GmbH in Austria to understand the customer’s point of view of the Germanophone railway market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) as well as the core competencies and unique selling propositions from the company’s point of view. The aim of this is to link both in a Business Model Canvas and thus determine the strategic direction for the company for the next few years. ESTET has been producing impressive steel construction halls and hall-cranes for decades. Falling market prices in the steel construction halls as well as insourcing at existing customers call for a reorientation into high-margin and quality-focused industries and markets. In the railway industry, ESTET has already found an industry that is successfully supplied by local integrators (i.e. SIEMENS) and operators (i.e. ÖBB).  


The first phase of the project involved the analysis of the company's core competencies and USPs of the ESTET product portfolio for the railway industry. In a workshop jointly conducted by ESTET and PROSE, the marketability of the service spectrum will be elaborated - based on the ESTET railway industry references as well as PROSE's engineering experience. The result of this workshop is a documented external assessment analysing the sustainability of ESTET's core competencies and USPs.  


Europe’s rail industry has been recently experiencing an unprecedented pace of modernisation – due to megatrends such as urbanisation, privatisation, environmental protection and individualisation. At the same time, a long overdue consolidation is taking place among the integrators (rolling stock manufacturers) worldwide, giving small, flexible, first-tier suppliers the opportunity to step into emerging needs gaps – that is co-development of complex welded designs, prototype production and small series production of large steel components. 


InnoTrans 2018, which took place in Berlin last September was a great opportunity for market assessment. This event was a unique opportunity within our business network for customer and competitor analysis for ESTET. The results of the ESTET portfolio analysis and the market study in Berlin were then brought together in a PROSE-moderated Business Model Canvas workshop. ESTET therefore received a clear strategic assessment for the railway industry which can be used to determine the strategic direction for the next few years. In addition, PROSE supported ESTET to strategically develop and execute this strategic mechanome in other industrial sectors, such as the medical device industry.

Other PROSE news

December 4 2019
Turn-Key Engineering for air snow blower on funicular railway

In December 2017, the world's steepest funicular railway from the Muotatal to Stoos was opened in Switzerland. The operator commissioned ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL to build an air blower system for this funicular in order to clear the rails of snow and foliage during the winter season. At the beginning of February 2019 PROSE was selected by ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL to take over the mechanical engineering and to carry out the necessary calculations.

October 25 2019

SBB IC2000 double-decker train with modernisations engineered by PROSE now in operation

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