February 1 2019

Presentation of the first two completely modernised IC2000 coaches after 2 years of planning work by PROSE- Commuters enthusiastic

The complete modernisation of the IC2000 fleet is the largest vehicle modernisation in the history of SBB’s long-distance traffic: SBB has invested over 300 million Swiss Francs in the refurbishment of its 341 coaches, which together with the Re460 locomotives, are the backbone of Swiss long-distance traffic.  


In 2016, PROSE was awarded the contract for the engineering services required for the modernisation of the IC2000 coaches. PROSE elaborated the engineering concepts and prepared the technical procurement and engineering documents for the implementation by SBB.  


As part of the modernisation, the external appearance was adapted to the newer trains whilst the interior design of the vehicles was brightened. A new indirect LED lighting concept was implemented to create a friendlier atmosphere, whilst seat cushions and carpets have been renewed. The existing business zone will be extended with an office area with inductive loading areas for charging smartphones. The existing windows have been replaced to be permeable to mobile networks. This is the first time that this technology is being used on a large scale. The mobile phone reception is improved and allows future mobile phone generations such as 5G. 


The restaurant coaches will be equipped with new tables and seats and the toilets of the family coaches will be equipped with changing tables. 


 PROSE's services are provided by an international team of specialists from 6 different locations in 4 countries. 


 Currently PROSE supports the SBB in the workshops with the modernisation of the prototype vehicles in Olten with technical assistance and updates the maintenance documents.  


First reactions of the train passengers show enthusiasm for the modernisation: 


"Best train", 

"Very beautiful."  

"There you go, for years! The first real SBB improvement." 

"Great renovation!" 


Between 2019 and 2024 the entire IC2000 fleet will be modernised. 


In accordance with SBB's fleet strategy, vehicles are extensively modernised in about half of their 40-year lifespan so that they can continue to run reliably for another 20 years.


Image credits: SBB 

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