June 19 2019

Market innovation strategy consulting for Curtiss-Wright Drive Technologies - Second module ordered

Recently, PROSE demonstrated paramount competency in delivering profound technical market know-how on tilting technology for Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology in a first workshop at our office in Winterthur. CEO Stefan Bühler introduced Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology to PROSE’s rich curriculum vitae in mechatronic solutions for railway bogies. PROSE Senior Project Engineer Armin Burth guided the customer through the mysteries of bogie engineering and its modern applications (i.e. tilting technology, radial steering, active roll compensation, active lateral control). Ueli Brugger from Aucodys GmbH (

www.aucodys.ch) supported the workshop with a mechatronically biased view on tilting technology and its future development in railway industry.  


Thus, convinced, Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology has ordered the second module, where PROSE collects important market information from traffic planning authorities, locally and internationally – as well as from railway operators and integrators in Europe. Within four workshops, all the relevant direct and indirect customer views on Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology deliverables are carefully collected and condensed to give the customer a full understanding on the future needs of their customers in railway business.  


Within a final workshop (still to be ordered) PROSE will enable Curtiss-Wright Drive Technologies to create a business segment strategy for railway industry.  


Curtiss-Wright electromechanical and electrohydraulic products are frequently used in industrial applications that require a rugged, dependable solution: I.e. Curtiss-Wright camera crane technology is used in the film industry to stabilise cameras, enabling a steady shot in the roughest terrain. 


The stabilisation technology is used within the railway industry to manage the amount of tilt that occurs as a train travels around a bend, to ensure safety and optimal passenger comfort. In the food industry this technology is used in the production of chocolate and cream.(https://www.curtisswrightds.com/products/electromechanical/industrial/)

Other PROSE news

June 28 2019
PROSE at Zuken Innovation World Italia

Zuken Innovation World, a series of conferences organised by Zuken worldwide, brings together current and future users of Zuken solutions, industry professionals and Zuken experts. 


On the 11th of June 2019 PROSE has participated, for the second time, at the Zuken Innovation World Italia – held in Bologna at the splendid setting of the Savoia Recency Hotel. This was an experience for our team to meet other Zuken users, professionals and experts as well as to network, learn and share innovative ideas.

May 20 2019
Goldenpass Express: The gauge changing bogie and the associated gauge changing system in Zweisimmen were successfully tested and presented to the public

PROSE was significantly involved in the development of the prototype for these bogies as well as the track side gauge changing facility. This bogie is a world novelty, as it not only adapts the gauge from standard gauge to metre gauge, but also adapts the height of the vehicle to the platform height (in this case a difference of 180mm).

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