September 3 2019

PROSE at the XIX International Wheelset Congress

PROSE has participated at the XIX International Wheelset Congress, which took place between the 16-20th of June in Venice, Italy. The IWC, held every three years, is the leading technology interchange event for the world railway industry. The congress was attended by delegates worldwide and was an opportunity for us to share experience as well as knowledge on the various topics discussed. 


During this 19th edition, we also had to the opportunity to hold a presentation about a feasibility study carried out on noise and weight reduction. Dr. Rolf Paradies, Engineer Simulation FEA at PROSE, in fact presented the study “Towards Noise and Weight Reduction by Application of FRP wheelsets for Freight Cars”.  


Railway noise is often a nuisance to people living near railway lines. In particular, the operation of freight wagons at night causes significant disturbance, which is a major problem in the development of rail freight transport. The dominant source is mostly the rolling noise, which is generated by the roughness at the wheel-rail interface and is radiated in addition to rails and sleepers in particular by the wheel. 


Therefore, PROSE proposed to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN (Bafu) a research project investigating the possibility of noise reduction in freight wagons through the use of Carbon fibre reinforced composite (CFRP) wheelsets. PROSE suggested this material because of its experience in implementing FRP materials in railway structures. You can find more information about this on our factsheet.


Photo credits: Daniele Nalesso for IWC 2019

Other PROSE news

October 25 2019

SBB IC2000 double-decker train with modernisations engineered by PROSE now in operation

October 2 2019
PROSE investigates the running safety under longitudinal compressive forces for London Underground

Germany-based manufacturer Kirow Ardelt GmbH is to deliver eight-axle railway cranes and switch tilters to London Underground (LU). These on-track machines (OTM) and additional wagons form the London Underground’s Modular Points and Crossing (MPaC) system. PROSE investigated the running safety under longitudinal compressive forces (LCF) of predefined consists of the MPaC system on LU as well as NR network in different specific coupling configurations i.e. central buffer coupler (drophead buckeye) and screw coupler with side buffers.

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