October 25 2019

SBB IC2000 double-decker train with modernisations engineered by PROSE now in operation

PROSE carried out the engineering work that underlies the modernisation for SBB. We are pleased that our intensive work has benefited the public in the past 3 years. 


Read more on: https://news.sbb.ch/artikel/92138/erster-frisch-modernisierter-ic2000-doppelstockzug-ist-unterwegs








Image credits: SBB

Other PROSE news

July 1 2020
PROSE as independent verification body for the calculation of vehicle-specific track access

With the implementation of the track access charge system from 2017, the BAV regulation on rail network access (NZV-BAV) requires the calculation of vehicle-specific prices.

June 10 2020
PROSE shapes digital future

A recent McKinsey survey on most European railway operators states that fifty per cent of their knowledge-workforce will retire within the next ten years. To stay operational, executives must think on how to operate their future organization and integrate a pro-active knowledge-management within its processes.

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