December 19 2019

PROSE successfully completes 'Innovative Concrete Sleeper' research project

In the best-case scenario, rail traffic noise should be reduced at source in order to avoid subsequent measures. With this target in mind, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) have commissioned PROSE in two research projects to find solutions for an acoustically enhanced superstructure. 

The first project has now been successfully completed. In cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of concrete elements for the railway sector, Vigier Rail, PROSE has developed concrete sleepers with better vibro-acoustic properties. First, sound measurements and modal analyses were carried out on the current concrete sleepers and the influencing factors on the acoustics of the track were examined. The decay rate TDR has a significant impact on the sound radiation of the track and is therefore a central parameter in this investigation. Based on the findings from measurements and FEM simulations, it was decided to produce two new types of concrete sleepers, "Hammerhead" and "Railbone", as prototypes. These concrete sleepers were then installed in a short test track in Müntschemier in order to determine the acoustic effect of the track, e.g. by damping the rail vibrations. 

The noise reduction target of >1dBA set at the beginning of the project was achieved. This can be seen from the results of the TDR measurement by a theoretical consideration of the rail noise component. 

With this research project on an essential element of the superstructure PROSE would like to contribute new ideas for an optimised superstructure, which causes less noise and at the same time lower abrasion and life cycle costs. This will benefit both local residents and infrastructure companies.

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