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For Manufacturers

We support manufacturers in new developments and refurbishment projects – for components and whole systems – throughout the engineering and production process. Our services cover industrial design, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, software development, running dynamics, RAMS and much more. In addition to managing the entire homologation process and providing documentation support and training, we deliver products based on customer specifications.

For Operators

On the basis of our holistic approach, we provide operators with strategic support; specification assessment and procurement management from bid evaluations to production supervision; and cost-focused and global optimisation of the maintenance process and warranty follow-up. We also provide neutral expert assessments of rolling-stock running gear, running dynamics, structural strength and durability, fire protection, noise and vibrations.

For Authorities

We provide authorities with neutral expert assessments of all kinds of technical rolling-stock issues such as structural strength and durability, running dynamics, safety, fire protection, and noise and vibrations. This can include investigating train derailments and other accidents.

For Maintainers

We are expert advisors on performance-focused and global optimisation of the maintenance process. This includes rolling stock, depots and their interfaces. We combine our extensive know-how in the engineering and technical documentation of rolling stock with our expertise in maintenance methods, depot layouts, equipment and software. We also improve, develop and deliver spare parts. This allows us to solve customer challenges such as optimising vehicle design for maintenance, creating maintenance documentation, solving spare part problems, assessing safety-related issues, optimising a new or existing depot and developing special handling tools.

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