Kinderkrebsstiftung, Germany

The German Children's Cancer Foundation supports children suffering from cancer and endeavours to improve their quality of life and their prospects so that they become just as good as those of healthy children. The foundation also advises and informs families with children with cancer, and in case of financial distress it supports them financially via its social funds.

Die Arche, Germany

The ARCHE is an ambulant suicide prevention and crisis intervention centre. The association advises people in life crises who have suicidal tendencies or have tried to commit suicide (aftercare). It also advises relatives of people with suicidal tendencies and relatives of people who have committed suicide.

We are

Only through mutual trust can
our team achieve the best result.

A.G.B.A.L.T. ONLUS, Italy

A.G.B.A.L.T. ONLUS association was founded in 1986 thanks to the cooperation between parents of children with neoplastic pathology together with medical and nursing staff of the O.U. of pediatric oncohematology. The association has three objectives: take care of children with leukemia or cancer, stimulate and promote research, guarantee moral support and, if necessary, also material to the families themselves.

When we play, we choose the right type of sport and the appropriate field. Then we decide how to organise the team and define each team player's role. We do so in a decentralised way as each player knows his/her abilities best.

IMMA, Germany

IMMA, an initiative for girls in Munich, is committed to improving the situation of girls and young women and supports the work with them. Its main objective is to support girls and young women with various kinds of problems in such a way that they get equal rights and carry their lives in their own hands in all public and private spheres of life.

Min Stora Dag, Sweden

My Special Day (“Min Stora Dag”) is a Swedish non-profit NGO that makes dreams come true for Swedish children and teenagers with serious illnesses and diagnoses. The vision of My Special Day is simple: “All children with serious illnesses in Sweden should be part of something positive out of the ordinary that provides power and self-esteem”.

Läbesruum, Switzerland

o “Läbesruum” is a non-profit association providing work for unemployed people to integrate them socially and professionally. The association was set up in 1990 and today it is known in Winterthur as a professional and reliable social association with a professional and competent management.

If a player is injured or ill, another player steps in. This is how we create an atmosphere of purpose, in which everyone feels ownership for your project.