25 juillet 2019

PROSE got invited to speak at the RailContact’19 in Graz

Josef Kometer, General Manager PROSE GmbH in Austria and Andrea Katharina Fuchs, Senior Consultant at PROSE AG in Switzerland were invited to speak at the annual “RailContact’19” in Graz. 


The Mobility Cluster ACstyria organised this event for its network of over 300 companies operating in automotive, aerospace and rail industry with the headline “Propulsion 2030+ - Concepts. Perspectives. Innovations.” PROSE showed two aspects about future trends and efficiency improvements: first, about the upcoming hybridisation of new and refurbished rail vehicles, second, automation – especially introduction of driverless operation, shown at a concrete project from PROSE. 


The congress was attended by more than 130 experts out of the Austrian Rail Industry. PROSE enjoyed to be part of and also during the active exchange at the fair and during the additional social program.

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25 octobre 2019

SBB IC2000 double-decker train with modernisations engineered by PROSE now in operation

2 octobre 2019
PROSE investigates the running safety under longitudinal compressive forces for London Underground

Germany-based manufacturer Kirow Ardelt GmbH is to deliver eight-axle railway cranes and switch tilters to London Underground (LU). These on-track machines (OTM) and additional wagons form the London Underground’s Modular Points and Crossing (MPaC) system. PROSE investigated the running safety under longitudinal compressive forces (LCF) of predefined consists of the MPaC system on LU as well as NR network in different specific coupling configurations i.e. central buffer coupler (drophead buckeye) and screw coupler with side buffers.

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