Implementation of innovative solutions


Customer: Klüber Lubrication, Germany Wascosa AG, Switzerland Zaugg Eggiwil AG, Switzerland

Customer benefit

  • Homologation requirements and regulations are in a constant state of evolution and are highly complex. A component manufacturer or supplier of a specialized machine for infrastructure maintenance can no longer keep track of everything. PROSE also must keep itself informed in detail, but obtain a viable overview in these areas and subsequently to be able to assess the consequences of the various scenarios. This reduces the client's risks. And finally, only in this way, when an approval is available, can the client then also bring his innovation to the market!

Project tasks

  • Approval of extremely long-life greases for wheelset bearings both in terms of mileage and age in years
  • Europe-wide approval e-car (container wagons and pocket wagons with train busbar and power converter)
  • Expert opinion on enabling higher speeds when reversing snow blowers in working use
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