27 novembre 2020

U3-Metrorrey - arrival of U3 vehicles

The first refurbished U3 Metros for the Metrorrey transport company have arrived at the Depot Tallares in Monterrrey. Talbot has together with Schaltbau Refurbishmnet (SBRS) as electrical partner and PROSE as engineering partner completed the first step towards the successful operation of the metros. Among the work done was a complete refurbishment of the electrical system, including a new traction system and TCMS, the addition of a HVAC system, a complete interior redesign including the conversion from transverse to longitudinal seating and the removal of one driver's cab to increase the train capacity.
The next step toward the operation will be a full check of the vehicles and the commissioning of the vehicles.

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23 febbraio 2021
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3 febbraio 2021
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