Load assumptions and strength analysis of tramway track components


Customer: Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH (WSB), KÜNSTLER Bahntechnik GmbH (KBT), Germany 

Project tasks

  • Clarification of the intended track layout, speed restrictions and wheel/rail profile conditions 

  • Setup of appropriate multi body system (MBS) models of the tracks including the cross-sections of the switch blades as well as three types of existing tram vehicles 

  • Conduction of a variation of MBS simulation runs and extraction of loads acting on track components like e.g. rails, switch tongues; setup of related load assumptions 

  • Setup of a finite element model (FEM) e.g. of the switch tongues and the surrounding structure 

  • Fatigue strength assessment of the track component while applying the loads as gained from the MBS simulations 

  • Proposals of design improvements regarding the strength 

  • Meter gauge tram application 

  • Tracks including deep grooved switches 


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