Turn-Key Engineering Snowblower Stoosbahn


Customer: ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL, Switzerland 

Operator: Stoosbahnen AG, Switzerland

Customer benefit

  • Due to PROSE’s extensive system know-how, ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL received all necessary documents to manufacture, commission and approve the snow blower on their own.
  • With the technical competence in the development of complete vehicles, based on the long experience of PROSE engineers in lightweight construction, ZAUGG could successfully deliver the snow blower as a general contractor.

Project tasks

  • System engineering incl. consulting and weight management
  • Monitoring and elaboration of risk assessment according to CE
  • 3D design of complex devices incl. creation of production documents
  • FEM analysis of the supporting Structure
  Fact sheet
Mechanical engineering   Project management   Manufacturing supervision   Validation and verification   

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