Alternative forms of operation for the Appenzellers Rack railways


Customer: INFRAS, Switzerland

End customer: Canton of Appenzell A.Rh. and St. Gallen

Customer benefit

  • Thanks to PROSE's structured approach INFRAS received a well-founded result from a broad diversified analysis of the technical possibilities and economic effects of automation of the railway operation of the three lines
  • During the project the client received an overview of the possibilities as well as of the current state of the art on the subject of automated and autonomous driving operation.
  • PROSE therefore develops a concrete recommendation and the magnitude of the necessary investments in the introduction of automated railway operations.

Project tasks

  • Actual state analysis and screening of the available information including inspection of the three railway lines
  • Description of the state of the art in the market
  • Investigation of Automation possibilities
  • Development of a cost and benefit analysis
  • Creation of a final report including evaluation and recommendation for all three railways

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